Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for my child if they are under 12 months old?Children under the age of 1 are charged for admission if not accompanied by a paying sibling.
Do I have to sign anything before my kids can play?Parents must sign a waiver for each child before playing.
Who can be admitted on a membership pass?Membership passes can only allow the individuals who are listed on the pass.
How do I cancel my membership?You may cancel your membership at any time for no fee but if you decide to resume your membership you will be charged the sign up fee again.
Can I bring my stroller inside the museum?For the safety and ease of all the guests, please try not to bring your strollers inside the museum.
Where can I change my baby's diaper?For your convenience, diaper changing stations are available in both restrooms!
Can I bring beverages inside the museum?You are more than welcome to bring outside beverages into the museum! We ask that you bring all drinks in enclosed, sealed cups and keep them in designated seating areas. 
Can I bring food inside the museum?In an effort to keep our museum clean and well-maintained, as well as a courtesy to guests with allergy concerns, please refrain from bringing food into the museum.
Is there wi-fi?Free wi-fi is available to all museum guests.
Can I drop off my kids?We love all of our visitors but we are not permitted to watch your children. We are not a drop-off daycare and all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
What if there are children who are misbehaving?For the comfort and safety of all of our guests, we reserve the right to ask children that are being disruptive to leave if they are interfering with the learning & play of others.
What is your play policy for children who are sick?For the safety and health of all our guests, all children must be symptom free for 24 hours before playing at The Playhouse. We reserve the right to ask any guest to leave if they are visibly ill or showing symptoms such as head lice or pink eye. For all our health and sickness policies, please see the "Forms" page on our website. 
Can I bring a friend to play at The Playhouse if they are not on my pass?Of course! We'd love to have you bring your friends! If they do not have a pass already, they are welcome to purchase one or buy a single pass to visit for the day! If they are not accompanied by their parent, their parent will need to sign a permission waiver BEFOREHAND! 
How do you clean your museum and the toys?Our bathrooms are cleaned at least once a day, as are the seating areas! We wipe down all surfaces at closing in preparation for the next day of play! The baby area is cleaned multiple times a day and the floors are swept and washed on a daily basis. There is a "tasted toys" bin in the museum so that all toys that find their way into little mouths can be placed inside it and cleaned before being placed on the shelves once more. We use a commercial grade, safe cleaner on all our toys on a rotating basis to be certain that ALL the toys get disinfected and cleaned! We also have our very own washer and dryer so that all dress-ups and fabrics can be washed regularly. Frequently used toys (such as the ice cream cart) are wiped down at least once a day and there are public hand sanitizing stations throughout the space. We also spot clean any areas as the need arises throughout the day!