Saturday Reservations

Saturday by reservation only: 9:00 am-12pm*

Saturday morning hours are open to members and non-members alike! Each Saturday has 40 passes available for reservation to ensure that it never gets too crowded or overwhelming!
Click below to see the reservation calendar, and to see if any additional times are available. 

Saturday Hours may vary depending on special events and private parties

If private events do not get booked, we may open up for bonus play times on Saturdays! So be sure to sign up for our emails so you never miss a chance to come play with us at The Playhouse!

  • Why is weekend play by reservation only?

    The number of guests who can come during Saturday hours is limited to be certain that nobody is overwhelmed and every guest has an enjoyable, exceptional experience!

  • How do I make a reservation for Saturdays?

    Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to sign up right away for the date you want! All reservations can be booked online by clicking the link above!

  • Why are weekend passes more than weekday passes?

    The rate for a weekend pass is reflective of the peak hours and exclusive nature of the experience. Weekend hours require reservations to ensure that only a certain number of guests are admitted in order to keep the facility from being crowded. 

  • Can I drop in to see if space is available to play on a Saturday?

    Of course! We'd love to have you come by! However, the best way to see if we have already reached max capacity for Saturdays is to check our online reservation system. If there are still times available the day of, please call us or stop by to see if you can join! We'd love to have you!